Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'The Rainham Tokens' are born...

After several months spent in the village, the next stage was to gather all our research and begin developing ideas. What could we create which would encapsulate the spirit of Rainham? what was it about the village which made it different? what were people passionate about?

Whichever direction we turned we kept being pulled back to the shops, to local companies and commerce and we began to look at the people and businesses who had invested in Rainham. Many of these local folk were committed to the village and provided services or food and goods to villagers and employment.

During our research we also uncovered the Rainham Halfpenny, minted after the Civil War when money was in shortage. Bringing these things together we began to work on circular designs which reflected the coin and it's use as a shopping token, and 'The Rainham Tokens' were born.

Now in August 2012 the first Tokens are being cast in bronze at a foundry in Essex. We visited to record the process and watched the first bronzes being cast.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Shops and Shopping

Fab morning spent at the new Brights Centre with Age Concern members and new visitors. Looking at shops and shopping in Rainham we created a 2D facade of shop fronts along Upminster Road South at the present time together with a 3D 'village' of fascia's and information from past shops and businesses in the same area.

We also met a Centenarian! Trixie turned 100 at the end of November and helped us with many layers of histories in Rainham!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A-Z of Rainham and Timelines at The Village Christmas Fayre

RAVE (Rainham Association for Village Events) are the organisation behind the Rainham Village Fayres which exist to promote Rainham Village and its small business's, the Fayres have been running for about 20 years now, they take place on the 1st  May bank holiday and the 1st Saturday in December.

We were invited by both the Library and the Youth Centre to have a stall at the Christmas Fayre so decided to take up both offers and took on some hired help to assist!

Had an enjoyable day chatting to local people and collecting memories and happenings for our timeline and some amazing A-Z artworks from youngsters together with facts, dislikes and likes in the village. (tried some amazing juice from the stall next door too - ginger, carrot and kiwi!)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Planning and Shoes

Day in The Ship Centre organising everything for the Christmas event on Saturday. The Youth Centre have created some fab alphabet letters, need to buy washing line and pegs! Popped into the shoe shop to chat to the owner about it's history and shopping in Rainham, so much has changed since the new store arrived, couldn't believe it had been there since 1990! Essex Footwear is right next to the walkway to the big store and had some of it's land compulsory purchased to create the 'alley'.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Map Mania in Romford

Visited the Local History section of Romford library to look at some of the old maps of Rainham and the surrounding area. Fascinating selection of maps from across the years, interesting to see the changes in the local landscape across time.

Monday, November 21, 2011

So Sad So Deri Sad

Interesting day in the library, found a new section of reference books with a couple of gems, one book all about Rainham Town FC formed in 1945 and disbanded in 1994. Also found a book of street names which mentions 'Deri' a local social worker who has a road named after him.

Have a few ideas now emerging; A Rainham A-Z or perhaps an acrostic from Rainham Trail; Ruins Archway etc.. Then there's a handful of lost stories, the Royalty and the Bridge, the hidden compartment in the chest inside the Norman church, allotment workers arriving by train from London, the library fire, and then the unexplained; smugglers tunnels, Viking Way (why viking way?) the buildings behind the buildings, the empty social services building.....

Lots more to find out we feel!